Media Bias Against Israel

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The liberal mainstream media once again shows its partiality on its news reporting with its coverage of the current war between Israel and Palestinian's faction Hamas.

Since the war started two weeks ago, the liberal media portrays Israel as the big bully who punishes a helpless kid in the block. The biased media always highlight the so-called disproportionate military actions by the Israeli government against Hamas. Lest everyone forget, this is war and there has never been one in world history where opposing parties fought proportionately.

The objective of every war is to win it, not to achieve a stalemate status. The politically correct media borrows the same argument from the left-leaning educators in the academia that nations must fight equally and humanely.

Since the ending of first intifada in 1993, the Palestinians have launched about 10,000 rockets towards Israel. Given the criteria set by the liberal media, should Israeli then retaliate with equal amounts of rockets to Gaza and send its sons and daughters to blow themselves up in civilian districts? If ever, would the media still call these horrendous actions as punishments and wanton disregard of human lives?

Moreover, the media reports of indiscriminate aerial bombings in the populated districts of Gaza have pictured the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) as maniacs who achieve euphoric feelings in seeing hundreds of civilians killed in the crossfire.

The liberal media shun to report the inhumane tactics used by the Hamas leaderships of sacrificing their civilians and using public installations to engage the IDF. For the Islamists such as Hamas who glorify death more than life itself, sacrificing its civilian populace to gain strategic advantage against Israel is a Machivelian concept of the ends justify the means.

The Israelis might be winning militarily in big numbers (i.e., tactical gains), but the way the leftist media is covering the events the Israeli government appears losing political points gradually (i.e., strategical setbacks) with the waning of support from the western countries. This is the result of the calculated move of Hamas leaderships to include its civilians on its military offensives, thus resulting to collateral damages blamed on Israeli aerial strikes.

In the interview by radio host Michael Medved days ago, IDF Major Michael Oren stated that Hamas uses the schools, hospitals, mosques and civilian houses to either store war materials (e.g.., rockets, ammunitions) or stage rockets attacks to Israel. Accordingly, the IDF has aerial reconnaissance evidences and ground intelligence reports to substantiate his claims. Oren is the author of the book Six Days of War: June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East.

Oren also said that since 2005 when the Israeli government handed Gaza to the Palestinians, Hamas has launched about 7200 rockets to Israel, hitting mostly civilian targets. This does not include the suicide bombers, mostly women and teenagers, sent by Hamas to murder Israeli civilians in the urban centers.

Furthermore, when it comes to reporting, the liberal media presents that Hamas started to launch its rocket attacks in Israel only in reaction to the blockade put on by the IDF navy. The reports always fail to highlight why the cordon has been set up, which is to stop the shipments of war materials into the hands of Hamas from Iran and Syria.

The Israel, just like any democratic nations, is legally bound to protect its boundaries from real and present aggressions coming from foreign enemies such as Hamas, which receives financial, logistical and spiritual support from Iran and Syria. This Islamists-triangle aspires for the eradication of the Jewish state and would not stop until their goal come into fruition.

Finally, if the media really values the portrayal of senseless killings of human lives, why do they fail to closely cover and constantly report the mass murders of millions of Christians in Africa from the hands of Muslims? What about the helpless people in Congo, where a conservative estimate placed 45,000 people died monthly? What about the millions of lives that perished yearly from AIDS epidemic in Africa? Why do the liberal media not cover them 24/7 just like what they are doing now in the war torn Gaza?

What happens to the relentless pursuit of objective journalism? What happens to the old-fashioned fair and balanced investigative reporting?

Nowadays, the mainstream print and broadcast media will only cover and put its resources and emotions on issues that only serve the interests of its cabal. The media do not even blush on their antics, but seems callously proud of their biased reporting. The sad thing about this is that they too believe in their own lies.

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Media Bias Against Israel

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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