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?? Sobey classic case of very large networks the media capital of the integration of Taiwan
I. Background An advanced media asset management system for the television media assets, has an important role in preservation and value-added. With the media information technology level, cost, business change, business development and growth factors such as size, some stations may be at different times by different manufacturers to build a scale ranging from information systems or other business media production system. With the production of business development, new media applications, and media asset value requirements change, the original production business systems and gradually expose the following questions:

Systems more and more urgent demand for physical interconnection, but the lack of a unified, efficient and economical mode of physical interconnection.

Difficulties in information exchange between systems, metadata, media material, management and control information flow in various systems are not smooth.

Systems business processes through the difficulties, the business process flows across the system there is a big obstacle.

How to better on TV all the media assets to effectively integrate, unify the collection, management, maintenance and re-use, without waste of investment and built the original system?

SMG Shanghai Media Group (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai SMG or SMG) subsidiary of Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group, is a collection of radio, television, newspapers, Internet media group is equal to one. SMG has put or will use the media information system: film library management system, information sharing network information system media, sports, media information system, financial channels, entertainment channels, media information systems, information media information system. The plate system of the establishment of media information, business systems for all program production and broadcasting has an important supporting role. But at the same time, many sets of multimedia information systems has brought the issue to the SMG. In order to achieve all the media information sharing and flow within the group, make full use of existing resources, SMG will need to integrate the various business systems and reasonable.

Consideration based on the strategic level, proposed construction of Shanghai Media Centre Media Information System concept.

2, the center position the media information system?? Data core network platform
Shanghai Media Group, Media Information System Centre, located in the core data network platform. It is the Shanghai Media Group's internal media asset management center; to achieve the Group's centralized management of media assets; direct support for the plate media information system operation; as the Group's core digital network platform support points, Taiwan's media resources to achieve effective configuration and fully mobile. Information systems of all sections of the media channel part of the program directly support production. Plate has a uniform media files and archive material to the center of media information system, funded by the central media storage and cataloging unified management.

Centre Media Information System PORTAL as a central information system of common external media portals, or applications to other business systems under centralized management and control of access, retrieval entry, the media capital of the other services and applications to provide in-depth support in the background. Media Centre Media Information System data on a comprehensive excavation and re-order catalog. Production of media resources information system through the media center and obtain the necessary information and data media. This information may be derived from the production of media resources other material systems, information media, the digital information system the history of program information as well as through domestic and international acquisition, exchange and other channels receive valuable program information, or traditional film library system's historical data.

Center media archive information system with meaningful information and media files can be moved to the information media information system, detailed information from the information media as an information cataloging and archiving.

Third, technology guidelines?? Media Service Bus
Either from the integration of new or development perspective, the past simple file sharing, XML exchange, components, message notification and WebService and other standard protocols or specifications, are only to some extent to meet the actual demand; also not only the formation of some agreed upon number of criteria, after all, still a small area of the convention. What we need is a radio and television, IT universal interconnection solution!

Sobey Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Media Group to conduct a full communication, made more radio and television industry characteristics, based on SOA architecture media service bus (MediaService Bus, short MSBus) concept.

4, the overall system topology Overall system topology

Public Service Application Server for the whole SMG media center media-based information system provides the core services service bus architecture. FTP server, migrate the server, transcoding server, search server, streaming media servers and other servers, the system provides application-layer services.
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Smg Shanghai Media Group (smg) Centre Media Information System - Media Asset Management System,

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