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PR, public relations, media relations, publicity, advertising, direct marketing, Internet marketing, social media ... a number of terms that are generally confused and misunderstood. The marketing world is a huge one that contains a number of different disciplines from advertising and direct marketing to public relations and online marketing. Whereas large companies can utilize all of these disciplines, small businesses of entrepreneurs need to find the mix that works best for them. To do that, it's important that business owners completely understand exactly how each field works and what its primary goals and objectives are. The following are some points that explain what PR is, who should use it and how it should best be utilized.

Let me start with what public relations is not. PR is not a paid-for print ad or commercial spot, it is not an online email campaign and it is not a mailing to potential customers. Public relations itself is a large umbrella which can include events, community outreach, research, media relations and other aspects. Media Relations is generally what most people think of when hearing the terms PR or public relations, and that is my focus here. In a nutshell media relations is effective story telling, finding the story about you, your product, your service or your business, that will best resonate with the media and the public. Once you've found your story, or hopefully stories, you then need to tell it. You need an effective press release, a targeted media list, you have to understand what media best serves your needs and reaches your target market. You then need to launch your campaign. If you've hit on the right stories, contacted the appropriate media and pitched your story in a compelling way, your pitch will soon turn into media coverage and your campaign will start to move forward. You then use that media overage to garner other press. That in a nutshell is the basics of the process.

Only Public Relations Can:

Present you as the news.
Establish you as an expert in your field.
Offer you and your company the validation and credibility of being featured in the press
Educate, inform and reach your target market.
Combine with social media to create a powerful new marketing tool, melding the validation of traditional media with the magnification and global outreach of the Internet/

Other forms of marketing are important, valuable and often essential. They each have their purpose and depending on your budget and needs various forms can meet your needs, but, whether you're a one-person company, a small business, or a large corporation, utilizing PR to grow your business, establishing your brand and reaching your target market is essential.

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What is PR?

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This article was published on 2010/03/28